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Global Liquidity Scene Graph

We've built the world’s first web-based framework for mapping real-time data in 3D in every web browser (with full VR support).

We're open-sourcing this. Want to build with it? Let us know.

Trading Rigs

Heard of gaming rigs? Mining rigs?

Trading rigs are exchange-co-located bots that execute orders on users behalf. Latency is minimal regardless of a user's geographical location.

Trading rigs are the first global version of today's centralized "high-frequency trading" infrastructure.



James Andrew

James was deeply involved in the electronification of Wall Street. In 2001, he was among the first to pioneer high-frequency trading as it is known today.

At one point, James was responsible for 10% of NASDAQ’s daily trade volume. His “Liquidity Engine” was the first NASDAQ automated market-making system to route orders among the leading ECN markets. His system placed more daily orders on Bloomberg’s trading platform than all of their institutional clients combined.

In 2013, James became an early adopter of Consumer Virtual Reality, and for eighteen months served as Technical Director at New York’s largest VR company.

James is also the organizer of James’ Crypto Tree House, one of the most beloved crypto industry communities in the world with nearly 2,000 members, mostly industry leaders.

What iPhone did for cell phones, we're doing for trading: Blasting a hole in existing UX, revealing a universe waiting to be created.

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